These are the niches I spend the most time in, but my portfolio is full of editorial work in other styles and industries. If your project needs great content and copy to succeed, let me show you how I can help.

Conversion Content Copywriting aka Catalog and Ecommerce Product Copy

Need someone to develop or step into your brand voice, extoll the benefits of a product, and show a customer how it’ll enhance their lives in a way your competitor can’t? Need that product to have a compelling and aspirational backstory? Want to reduce customer service costs and forestall returns by anticipating consumer questions? Need to do it all in 80 words or less? For 20, 40, 100+ new SKUs every season?

I’ve been drawing on my background in museums and material culture to tell engaging product stories since long before brands fell in love with “curating.”

Travel and Tourism Marketing

Good travel marketing copy doesn’t only tell prospective visitors what they’ll see at your site—after all, that’s what your photography budget is for. 

Good travel marketing copy helps your prospective visitor smell the salty breeze coming off the marsh and feel the surface of the clam shack’s picnic table, worn smooth by generations of squirmy kids. It helps her hear the bored teenage server call her order number and feel the crunch of her sandals on the gravel path that leads to the pick-up window. It makes her mouth water, imagining that juicy, crispy, too-hot-but-I-can’t-wait first bite of fried clams—the first bite of summer.

Bierfelt Editorial can help you engage potential visitors’ senses and emotions to make your site a must-see.

Museum and Cultural Organization Marketing

Annual report narratives, annual appeal letters, capital campaign websites, gala invitations, event calendars, movie calendars, rack cards, member renewal campaigns, exhibition text… I am on board for any kind of museum collateral or web content you need to produce.

My favorite projects are museum member magazines, with their unusually long lifespan between mailbox and recycling bin. I have written, copy edited, proofread, and/or been the managing editor for bimonthly and quarterly publications at Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts, Historic New England, the Peabody Essex Museum, and the Worcester Art Museum.

I’ve held staff positions at the MFA, Peabody Essex Museum, and Historic New England. In 2014 I earned a graduate certificate in museum studies from Tufts University. There are few things that tickle my brain more than getting nerdy about museum theory.

Proofreading and Copyediting

It’s not always sexy*, but it’s necessary. Typos in text messages? No bg deal. Typos in your annual report donor list, however, can undermine constituent relationships. Haphazard information hierarchy in your policies and procedures manual can lead to endless meetings with HR.

I won’t let the pursuit of perfection keep you from ever getting to press or hitting publish, but I will get you as close to perfect as your time line and budget allow.

*Although I have proofread paranormal romance novels for Penguin Books.

You name it, I’ve helped bring it to life:

Catalog and Ecommerce

Product naming and sell copy

Product provenance and research

Product launch marketing

B2C benefit copy and headlines

Artisan and designer profiles

Behind-the-scenes blog posts

Social media content marketing

Email blasts

Landing pages

Banner ads

Squeeze pages

SEO copy

Customer service communication

Call center scripts

Product manuals

Museums/Travel and Tourism

Visitor, staff, artist, and donor profiles

Exhibition text and object labels

Event marketing


Blog posts

Facebook and Twitter campaigns

Member renewal campaigns

Member magazines

Annual appeals

Capital campaign messaging


Annual reports

Travel guides

Social media content marketing

Rack cards and brochures